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An exhibitionist finds it extremely horny to show themselves naked or having sex to others.


Exhibitionists want the world to see them naked. They enjoy showing others their Tail or even being caught having sex. However, this is - understandably - an excitation of public nuisance - which is punished.

Some people also fear that the line from exhibitionist to rapist could quickly be crossed.

Since people with this predilection derive their pleasure primarily from the fact that their counterparts are shocked by their behaviour, it is naturally important for them to act in a particularly public way. They often stay in pedestrian zones and parks and wait here - sometimes masturbating - for their victims.

It is especially important to inform the police if you have any suspicions. After all, being confronted with an exhibitionist can traumatise many people.

If you want to satisfy your passion as an exhibitionist, you should look for like-minded people and live out your passion only in swingers' clubs or at relevant parties, for example. Here it is clear to everyone from the outset that the focus is on observing each other. Furthermore, it is also possible to arrange to meet several people on the internet and thus bring exhibitionists and spectators together in a legal setting.

Exhibitionists for whom this thrill is not enough and who are drawn to the public again and again can also get professional help. Psychotherapy can often ensure that the causes for this particular predilection are examined.