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Flagellantism refers to the whipping or erotic tormenting of one's partner, but has its original roots in the religious environment.

Flagellantism refers to the whipping or torturing of another person. Nowadays, the term is largely synonymous with the BDSM field and the corresponding practices. But: flagellantism is also significant in purely historical terms. The flagellants at that time were people who practised self-flagellation. In this way they wanted to cleanse themselves of their sins and do penance. The history of flagellantism goes back to the time of the 13th or 14th century.

Nowadays, BDSM fans associate this term with a different form of "flagellation". They often use much more modern toys, such as black leather whips or claps. Moreover, most of them no longer torture themselves, but torture others or let themselves be tortured. Sometimes even to the point of Orgasm.

The former Christian desire to be freed from one's sins no longer plays a role nowadays. Rather, it is about pushing one's personal limits, including in the context of role-play, and experiencing sex in a special, painful way. As in other areas of BDSM, it makes sense to establish a common code word in advance. Since the focus here is clearly on the infliction of physical pain, it is comparatively easy to distinguish between "fun" and "serious".

Fans of flagellantism often celebrate their passion in relevant clubs. Here they can often expect a particularly large selection of different toys - from classics like the cane to electrotoys and the like. But if you want, you can also live out your BDSM passion at home. Many sex shops offer a suitable assortment.