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A flagellate loves to torment others or to be tormented himself. Originally, flagellantism was a form of religious self-flagellation.

The modern flagellate is a member of the BDSM Scenewho loves to be scourged or to scourge his partner. While this form of inflicting pain played an important role in the 13th and 14th centuries from a religious point of view in order to free oneself from sins, today corresponding techniques are used for pleasure.

Flagellates love to feel pain caused, for example, by a cane or by a whip. Unlike other types of BDSM, the flagellate is not always necessarily concerned with humiliating himself. Rather, for many, the focus here is on feeling - sometimes extreme - pain.

As is so often the case, however, individual taste decides how far the flagellate goes.

In search of the corresponding feelings, many fans of this trend find what they are looking for in sex shops or in relevant clubs. Sometimes there are even special rooms equipped with a wide variety of toys. In the meantime, many like-minded people also find each other on the internet.

The special thing about this is that while self-flagellation was still the focus for the flagellates of the 13th/14th century, today most of them rely on a partner who does the flagellating for them. However, there are certainly flagellates who pursue their passion alone, for example when masturbating, because they are (still?) ashamed, for example, to confess their love of pain in front of others. Mostly, however, this is stress, which - on closer inspection - is unnecessary. Because: the fan community around erotic pain is growing continuously.