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"G6" is the abbreviation for group sex.

The abbreviation "G6" refers to group sex. This is - as the name suggests - sex with several people. The meaning of the abbreviation or group sex has changed over time. Because: while today the word is used to describe consensual sex, in the past it was used to describe gang rape.

Of course, group sex does not only happen in gay Scene before. Also heterosexuals or Bisexual can often get excited about sex with several people. Depending on the number of people involved, small (or large) orgies can sometimes be celebrated - for example in clubs.

The roles are often distributed quite individually. Sometimes there are only a few passive, sometimes only a few active persons. This is how new constellations constantly arise at the G6.

In their search for like-minded people, many G6 sex comparatively quickly come across forums on the Internet. Here there are sometimes special platforms that have made it their business to bring together group sex seekers.

Visiting relevant clubs can also be particularly promising when it comes to looking for willing partners. Often, certain rooms with especially large beds and other equipment are made available there. By the way, group sex starts with three participants. The upper limit is open.

Many pornos use the G6 to make their act even hornier. After all, group sex is a practice that many gays (and also straight men) would certainly describe as an "absolute pipe dream". Therefore, it is not surprising why the possible scenarios and certainly also many inspirations play an important role in the various films.