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With the homo cure, homosexuals - according to outdated moral concepts - are actually supposed to be "cured".

Especially in the 21st century, it may sound a little bizarre, but even today, many people are still of the opinion that homosexuals must be cured of their preferences. The term "cure" alone implies that - according to their conception - love of the same sex must be a disease.

Anyone who thinks that people who advocate a homo cure would certainly always belong to the older generation is mistaken! Even many young people have no problem advocating theories like these. They cannot understand why love for a man or a woman should be "normal" or "not pathological".

Sounds unbelievable? Maybe. But: in a time when almost anyone can write anything in comments on the internet, corresponding statements can easily be understood.

It is particularly worrying in this context that some homosexuals actually believe they need to be cured of a disease. Often it is the reactions to a tentative Coming Out or lack of understanding among friends that lead those affected to make such an assumption.

However, anyone who has problems with their love for the same sex should definitely not contact a homo healer, but instead seek help from a therapist. This can often help you to define and accept your own preferences a little better.

By the way: the discussions about confessional therapies and their prohibition show that Germany is on the right track here. The corresponding new regulations can protect both young and older gays from being further marginalised and instead make it clear that NOBODY is sick here just because he (or she) loves the same sex.