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An enema plays an important role not only medically, but also sexually. With its help, anal sex can be prepared.


Many gays attach great importance to a high level of hygiene during anal sex. To ensure this, they use an enema, among other things. Water (or another liquid) is introduced into the intestine. Remains of faeces and dirt can be removed in this way. Afterwards, sex is perceived by many as more pleasant.

To perform an enema, you naturally need the right tools. Many people resort to a Anal shower back. The corresponding equipment is available in most sex shops. Who does not Anal shower If you have a shower at hand, you can also use a shower hose that is attached to the shower head.

What may sound a little unromantic at first can also be integrated into lovemaking quite easily - such as putting on a condom. How about a joint enema before sex? Many gays also find the anal shower particularly stimulating.

Depending on personal taste, the water pressure can be increased here to stimulate the corresponding area even better.

Modern anal showers for an enema are somewhat similar in appearance to a Dildo with several holes. The water is guided through these holes. This makes it possible to cleanse the intestinal area in 360° style.

By the way: a clean anal area during sex can often prevent the transmission of bacteria and co. Therefore, health reasons also play an important role for many gays.