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A late outing means that a man or woman comes out as lesbian or gay at a comparatively late stage. The corresponding step is usually very liberating.

As the designation suggests, it is a late Outing about the decision to become a pensioner at an older age. gay or lesbian to come out. Many people who come out comparatively late are actually in the middle of life. It is not uncommon for them to have a family, be married and seem to have "arrived" accordingly. Only a few signs indicate that the person in question might not be happy.

Coming out late can be a shock for many, but on the other hand it can also be extremely liberating. Unfortunately, there is no patent remedy that would indicate what would be the best course of action for a late outing. Most of those affected decide to talk to their partner as a first step - to be fair. However, some also confide in their best friends first.

However, it is particularly important to be able to rely on their discretion. Nothing would be more hurtful for the current partner than to have to find out the "news" through numerous channels.

Gays and lesbians who realise comparatively late that they are attracted to the same sex are of course also often surprised by their feelings. Those who notice that they are overwhelmed with the current situation can, among other things, seek out a therapist and get tips. In addition, there are also numerous self-help groups that have made it their task to support people with regard to a late outing.