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The term "libido" is used to describe people's sexual drive.

The "libido" is the human sex drive that determines, among other things, how intense the desire for sex is. Depending on character, age and other factors, libido can sometimes increase and sometimes decrease in the course of the year.

However, this is a particularly complex interaction. Among other things, a lot of stress and hectic everyday life can cause a person's libido to visibly suffer. In addition, some medications have a positive or negative effect on the libido.

It is a particular challenge when one partner in a relationship has significantly more desire for sex than the other. Depending on how much of a strain this difference puts on the partnership, it is important to look for joint solutions.

A constantly dwindling libido - apart from medication, stress, illness and co. - can also be a sign that the relationship is about to end. In this case, those affected no longer feel attracted to their partner, or no longer feel strongly attracted. On the other hand, they do show interest, for example, when it comes to finding a new partner. One Night Stand or planning a cruising adventure. Then, at the latest, it is time to question the partnership and start looking for solutions. This also applies if a partner's libido is so intense that he or she thinks exclusively about sex the entire day and can no longer concentrate on anything else, is possibly a sex addict and should also seek counselling.

One thing is certain, however: short-term fluctuations in libido are absolutely normal!