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Living monogamously means being with and faithful to only one partner.

People who live monogamously have only one partner and only have sex with this one partner. In other words, they are faithful.

In the course of time, many studies have been launched that have dealt with the question of how "normal" it is to be monogamous. Many scientists argue that it is not intended by nature for humans to be monogamous. However, opinions differ on this.

It is also certain that quite a few people, sometimes even one in two, depending on age group and gender, have already admitted in surveys to cheating or having cheated on their partner.

Also with regard to the gay Scene there are many prejudices. Gay men have often been suspected of cheating on each other. However, a look at reality shows that men are, of course, just as capable of having monogamous relationships that last for years.

There are many reasons why monogamy does not always work in everyday life. Sometimes the famous "air is out" of a relationship, sometimes the people concerned are simply looking for confirmation. And sometimes "love at first sight" certainly ensures that the partner is forgotten at home.

However, monogamy offers some advantages. Those who do not change their partner are usually also much less likely to fall ill with STDs. Of course, this only applies if at the same time the beloved renounces sexual contacts with other people and is accordingly faithful.