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Nylon is the tight-fitting material from which women's tights are usually made.

Nylon is a tight-fitting, rather thin material that is often used to make women's tights. However, many men also find it stimulating to wear nylon. Especially when moving, erotic feelings often arise, which not infrequently lead to a hard-on.

If you want to increase your everyday kick accordingly, you can simply wear nylon under your clothes.

In the meantime, this Fetish widespread. Therefore, many sex shops have also included nylon trousers for men in their assortment. Optionally, however, depending on the size, customers sometimes also have the option of opting for the classic women's models. In this case, it proves to be a nice side effect that the cuts in question are not designed for penis bulges. The nylon tights thus fit tighter and (usually) create an even more erotic effect.

Of course, the various accessories can also be optionally integrated into sex. For example, many nylon fans love to rub themselves against the material or simply keep the pantyhose on during fucking. One thing is certain, however: if you like nylon - either on your own body or on your partner's - you don't necessarily have to wear nylon. gay be! This is a fetish that is also observed among heterosexual couples, among others.

In search of someone who shares their passion for nylon, many gays meet in relevant forums. Here there are often separate areas for nylon Fetishistswhere they can exchange pictures and optionally arrange to meet in real life.