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The letter P is often used in a sexual context to express the passive role of a partner.

The letter P is often used in a sexual context to describe in more detail the distribution of roles in bed among gay men. Or in other words: the passive partner is fucked and the active partner fucks.

Of course, this does not mean that the passive man "only" remains lying (or kneeling) still! But: he is not primarily the one who determines the rhythm and intensity. Rather, he adapts to the movements of the active partner.

Many gays can be enthusiastic about either the passive or the active role. All the better, of course, if they meet a partner whom they can complement optimally.

If you want to be on the safe side, talk openly about your preferences from the outset. Chats and the like are an excellent way to create a little clarity and determine from the outset whether P or A is preferred.

However, many gays are open-minded and love sex in both the active and passive varieties. Moreover, both P and A offer advantages. Who passive can often enjoy sex in a very relaxed way. Those who take the A role often feel turned on by the fact of setting the tone themselves.

Gays who are just discovering gay sex for themselves often start with the active version. But even here there are no hard and fast rules! The preferences are - especially with regard to A and P - extremely versatile and show that the corresponding practices need to be tried out first in order to find a personal favourite (or several?). to be able to find a personal favourite (or several?).