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Pansexuality means being able to love people of ANY gender - whether man, woman, transvestite, etc.

Pansexuality means that people can be loved regardless of their gender. Thus, pansexual people not only desire women and men, but also transsexuals, among others.

In short: pansexuality turns away from many social conventions. Love and passion focus on the person and not on their gender.

Being with a pansexual person can prove to be very mind-expanding. After all, it offers a particularly expansive view over the famous edge of the plate. But: especially when immoderate Jealousy plays a role in the relationship, a partnership with a pansexual person can be a real challenge. Even though pansexual people are of course no more faithful or unfaithful than straight or gay people, many partners are afraid of losing their treasure to someone else - precisely because the "choice" is so large and not limited to men or women.

However, living pansexuality also offers a special form of farsightedness and appreciation. Those affected do not "filter" their possible life partners according to gender, but can theoretically give every person - whether gay, trans or similar - the chance to become the love of their life.

Over the course of time, a larger community has formed here as well. Among other things, the members use a three-coloured flag with pink, yellow and light blue stripes as a distinctive mark. This symbol (and of course its bearers) are now also represented at many CSDs. They show how versatile and how comprehensively love can be lived nowadays.