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The abbreviation "Pic" stands for the English "Picture" and means picture or photo.

The request "Send a picture of yourself!" is particularly popular in chats. A classic "picture" in this context can be almost anything: a portrait picture, a full-body photo or a so-called "dick pic" - a picture of your body. Tail.

Basically, the term "pic" does not have to mean anything dirty! The question as to whether a sexual background is to be served with the help of the respective picture usually arises from the context.

For example, anyone who has already talked in a sex chat about Dirty Talk and Co. and got appropriately horny, will most likely not ask for a photo of the face of his virtual counterpart with "Do you have a picture for me?

Pics can be sent not only in classic chats, but also via various messenger functions in the social networks. Last but not least, a profile picture is of course also a so-called pic.

If you want to attract as much attention as possible with your photo, you should make sure that it fits the occasion and leaves a pleasant (or even erotic) impression. The quality of the photo should also be taken into account. In general, if the person you are talking to gets the impression that the person you are chatting with has put a lot of effort into his or her picture, this often makes a particularly likeable impression. The chances of further increasing one's own flirting success with an appropriate photo can thus be improved "by the way".