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Pocket billiards is a colloquial term for playing around with your balls or tail over your pocket.

Pocket billiards is a colloquial term for stimulating one's own cock or balls via the trouser pocket. The "pocket billiard players" put their hands in the pockets of their trousers and can thus reach the corresponding area in the most uncomplicated way possible. Of course, this is especially true if the trousers have a correspondingly wide cut.

Pocket billiards are played in a wide variety of situations. Sometimes just out of boredom, sometimes as a kind of foreplay, for example at the Flirt at the club.

For example, if you observe your counterpart playing with himself, you could interpret this as an invitation. But be careful! Conspicuous pocket billiards in the wrong situation or in an inappropriate environment can also be interpreted as assault by those present. Therefore, it is always important to also exercise a little sensitivity and - in extreme cases - not to satisfy yourself in front of others.

Trousers with larger pockets and wide cuts are best. Passionate jeans wearers might have problems (firstly) moving flexibly in the pocket and (secondly) being discreet because of the narrowness.

Of course, personal taste decides which technique is best suited for getting a little revved up when playing pocket billiards. As in bed, some gays like it a little harder, others a little gentler. But when done inconspicuously, pocket billiards are definitely a great way to make everyday life a little more erotic or to get in the mood for a subsequent sex adventure.