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Poppers are drugs designed to influence a person's sexuality or lust drive.

Poppers are illegal drugs that are used to influence a person's sex drive. Many gays who have already tried poppers in the past speak of a greater sense of pleasure and a correspondingly increased desire for sex. The duration of effect of these drugs is comparatively short.

Therefore, users usually decide to take the poppers shortly before sex. The different varieties are characterised by different ingredients. Accordingly, there is no such thing as a standardised popper.

However, they all have one thing in common: they cause short-term vasodilatation and - like all other drugs - can of course also become dangerous.

Therefore, they belong to the category of illegal drugs and are prohibited accordingly.

Serious sex clubs take strict action against the use of poppers. Accordingly, the corresponding substances are mainly used either in the context of private parties or cruising.

The users then usually feel more attractive and passionate and often go out of their way more than they would without the use of the drugs.

Like all other drugs, poppers can be addictive. Some people end up not daring to sleep with their partner without the use of poppers because they are afraid of failing.

Also within the BDSM Scene poppers are always a topic. Because: here, too, they ensure that people become more courageous and possibly even better able to endure pain. A distorted image of self and pleasure can then even lead to a person becoming numb with regard to their own sexuality.