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Potency refers to a man's ability to get (and keep) an erect penis.

Men who have "good potency" have no difficulty getting hard. Many people associate this term with passion, stamina and masculinity. However, a man's potency can diminish over time.

So-called potency problems are often due to age. Sometimes, however, stress and worries mean that those affected no longer manage to get a hard-on or ejaculate.

Anyone who suffers from a lack of potency for a longer period of time should consult a doctor accordingly. Depending on the cause, the appropriate solutions can then be tackled.

What is certain, however, is that the partners concerned should never blame themselves. Unfortunately, it happens again and again that relationships break down because of problems with a man's potency. In this case, it can help to talk and pull together.

In the search for more variety in the bedroom and with the aim of supporting your partner's potency, it can also be helpful to dare to think outside the box. Maybe your sex life has become a little monotonous lately? Sex toys and co. can bring a breath of fresh air back into the bedroom.

Problems with potency therefore do not necessarily mean the end of the relationship! On the contrary! Sometimes it is a wonderful opportunity that ensures that two people can find each other again in a special way.

By the way: Potency problems do not only have to manifest themselves in a non-erect member! There are also men who suffer from Permanent erection suffer. This condition should also be checked promptly by a doctor! It is definitely not a blessing to have such above-average potency.