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Wrestling matches are part of the pronounced foreplay for many gay men.

Erotic squabbles between gays, which usually take place in connection with foreplay, can playfully help to define the hierarchy in bed. Thus, with the help of said scuffles, it can be determined "quite incidentally" who may fuck whom.

Many gay men like to take both the active and passive roles. Therefore, wrestling matches are usually more a kind of role play than a real "pecking order". The men usually find it particularly turn-on to let off a little steam before the actual sex and to subjugate the other or let themselves be subjugated.

Of course, the wrestling matches are especially fun when they are fought out on as large a bed as possible. If you want to give the whole thing a deeper kick, you can of course tie up the vanquished and thus perhaps have an exciting BDSM Initiate adventure?

Of course - with all the fun and passion - it is also extremely important that the wrestling matches take place with mutual consent. After all, this is erotic foreplay and in no way (!) rape!

Correctly executed, a wrestling match can, by the way, also provide a little more fire in the bed within the framework of a long-term relationship. This is especially true if the fights are combined with role-playing. How about, for example, arresting the city's known criminal? Or catching a burglar in the act (perhaps at the Wank?). If you take a little time here and let your imagination run wild, you're sure to come up with lots of exciting ideas. After all, things don't always have to be standard in bed, do they?