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RRR is an abbreviation that is often found in personal ads. It stands for "In, Up, Down" and means that someone is looking for casual sex.

Gays who are looking for a non-committal relationship in chats. One Night Stand often use the abbreviation RRR. This stands for Rein, Rauf, Runter and basically says it all. RRR is about quick sex without a relationship and without further obligations.

It is not about demonstrating above-average stamina for a long time. With RRR, the focus is mostly on one's own satisfaction. A classic example of RRR are typical cruising adventures. However, as already mentioned, it is also possible to arrange to have sex in, up and down via chats and personal ads.

If you want to travel responsibly - despite all the passion at high speed - you should of course not do without the appropriate protection in the form of condoms.

The reasons why RRR sex is perceived as so stimulating are many and varied. Often it is the fun of the dirty and the famous "quickie" that leads to gays dating.

However, RRR sometimes comes about quite spontaneously. Namely, when two gay men meet in a sex club, for example, and find each other sexually attractive right away.

Even though RRR is considered by so many men to be horny and spontaneous, however, it can be extremely unsatisfying in the long run to still be fucking each other in this way. Especially in a committed relationship, a permanent RRR is seen by many as a real lust killer.