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Sitophilia is the phenomenon that some people get horny from food.

Sitophilia describes the phenomenon of finding certain foods arousing. Sometimes just looking at bananas, cucumbers and the like is enough to increase the desire for sex. The reasons why some people choose this Fetish can inspire are versatile.

Often it is not the individual taste, but rather the shape that leads the thoughts of those affected in the direction of sex. Absolute classics in this context are elongated foods such as cucumbers, courgettes or bananas.

It is not uncommon to have sex with the food in question - either together with the partner or during masturbation.

A look at the range of Dildo- and vibrators manufacturers shows that the market is now also responding to sitophilia lovers. Many sex toys are nowadays produced in these variants.

The tendency towards sitophilia often develops incidentally at first. Sometimes a certain experience, for example when one partner surprises the other with "an exciting idea", also ensures that the fun of sex with food is discovered.

As a rule, this is not a particularly dangerous practice. However, despite all the passion, care should of course be taken to ensure that the imported food is at least clean.

Sitophilia is not a new trend, by the way. Sex with food has already played an important role in many porn films. Numerous viewers felt inspired by the (then) taboo-breaking and began to experiment a little themselves. Admittedly: the shape of some foods also virtually invites you to use them as a cock substitute, doesn't it? Who doesn't think of sex when their partner bites into a banana with relish?