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A peeping Tom is a voyeur, i.e. a person who likes to watch others having sex or masturbating.

Tensioner does it hornywatching other people having sex. Sometimes they know about their "visitor", but sometimes they do not. Especially in the latter case, the border to illegality is often crossed. This applies, for example, when the peeping tom gains unauthorised access to the property and looks through the bedroom window.

However, many couples get turned on by being watched during sex. They usually find their peeping Toms via the internet and ask them to watch them - sometimes via webcam.

How the respective peeping tom then deals with the situation is decided by his personal preferences. Some peeping toms are actually content just to watch, some satisfy themselves during this time. Still others fuck their own partner at the same time, but usually pay less attention to him than to the couple in question.

For some thrill-seekers, the visual attraction is not enough. One of the things that turns them on is listening to the others.

A location that suits tense couples in many ways is the sex club. The couples who fuck here know that they are being watched and have no problem being public about it. fuck. Here, no one has to lie in wait in the bushes in the hope of catching others in the act.

Provided that everyone involved is privy to it and agrees, voyeurism is nothing to be ashamed of. On the contrary! Watching others have sex and - perhaps - being allowed to take part in the "finale" can be very erotic. However, illegal peeping is a criminal offence that can be punished accordingly.