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A trans woman is someone who was born in a woman's body but cannot identify with that gender.

A trans man is a person who was born in a woman's body, but over time has realised that he is actually a man inside.

The search for the right identity can be quite difficult - even in an open, comparatively tolerant society. One thing is certain, however: the fact of not feeling comfortable in one's innate body is by no means an illness! On the contrary! Many trans men see or saw the decision for the (for them) "right gender" as a true liberation.

Whoever wants a complete Gender reassignment If you want to have an operation, you should consult a medical professional you trust. He or she can not only initiate the appropriate steps, but also provide comprehensive advice on the risks and possible effects of the necessary operations.

As a rule, extensive psychological care over a longer period of time is also part of the path to becoming a trans man. Here, those affected learn to deal with intolerance, prejudices and the search for their own self even better. In short: anyone who wants to undergo an adjustment should definitely plan several years for this - as a prospective trans man.

Afterwards (or already during this time), it usually becomes clear that many worries that played an important role before the respective operations, for example, were absolutely unfounded. Especially in a tolerant environment and in a circle of friends who recognise that the character of the person in question has not changed, it is usually all the easier to say goodbye to one's "old self" and finally accept the gender with which one has always identified anyway (or at least for a very long time).