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A trans woman is a person who was born male but feels like a woman.

A trans woman is a woman who was born in the body of a man. Trans women often discover early on that they feel comfortable with their innate gender (also called "Sex at birth") cannot identify.

Sometimes it is the well-known classics that indicate that a transsexuality might be present. If other boys like to play football, later trans women are often enthusiastic about dolls from an early age. But: of course, not all boys who like to play with dolls are later trans women! Whether such a case exists can only be concluded in the last instance by the person concerned and the doctors who may be involved.

Of course, this phenomenon is not a disease! Nevertheless, it is always helpful to seek counselling as a trans woman... Especially when it becomes apparent that the psychological strain is particularly high.

Unfortunately, the environment of a trans woman does not always react as tolerantly as she would wish. Since, among other things, the appearance of those affected can change greatly, family and friends sometimes suffer greatly from the circumstances.

However, those who are lucky enough to grow up with tolerant people quickly realise that many concerns that played a major role beforehand turn out to be absolutely unfounded in retrospect.

In search of help, contact possibilities and a common exchange, trans women today often find what they are looking for via the internet and within the framework of self-help groups. There are many offers here that are aimed at both newly trans and experienced trans women and can thus help many people in their individual situation.