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Uniform fetishism refers to a particular fetish in the context of which the wearing of various uniforms is perceived as particularly stimulating.

Uniform fetishism occurs among both gays and straights. Strictly speaking, it is a widespread passion in the context of which the wearing of uniforms in numerous variations is perceived as particularly stimulating. Whether the uniforms are worn by themselves or by other people is often irrelevant.

This Fetish explains, among other things, why firemen or policemen, among others, are sometimes found particularly attractive in everyday life. However, there is much more behind uniform fetishism than "just" the special look. Many gays associate policemen, pilots and co. with a special form of authority, which can also take an important position in the context of role-playing games, for example.

No matter whether the "burglar" is arrested here or the "steward" is instructed: The possibilities are very wide-ranging, so it is especially fun to let off steam here.

Many uniforms for "normal citizens" who do not work full-time as pilots, firemen or the like do not, of course, have to do without this special kind of role play. Sex or carnival shops in particular offer a wonderful basis when it comes to spicing up one's own wardrobe a little in this respect.

By the way: Uniform fetishism is also used, among other things, in the context of strip shows to fire up the audience's imagination a little more. Who doesn't know the performances in which "policemen", "firemen" and co. take their clothes off?

The respective garments offer a great opportunity to dive into another world in an erotic way. Depending on the manufacture, materials and workmanship, this creates a high-quality, elegant impression that proves that this fetish is not something that has to hide in the famous "dirty corner".