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Beloved cuddly toys: When adults need their teddy

That's why it's still cool to have a cuddly toy

Most children's rooms are overflowing with the little cuddly companions. Both boys and girls usually have a particularly imaginative relationship with their cuddly toys. Tea parties are held and adventures are had with them. No matter what challenge may lie ahead: often the favourite cuddly toy cannot be missing.

But as the years go by, so do the plush friends more and more often put in the corner and eventually thrown away.

But stop! Why, actually? After all, cuddly toys can also bring a lot of joy in adulthood. The following five reasons show why.

Especially precious: childhood memories

Especially precious childhood memories

At some point, everyone is bound to have nostalgic memories of their childhood. It quickly becomes clear: the (now) 20-year-old teddy bear on the bed was always by your side.

A silent witness of time that can recall many exciting experiences... For this reason alone, some childhood cuddly toys should also be taken into adulthood.

Once taken in hand, a wealth of memories often blossom, in which the light-heartedness of yesteryear becomes clear and tangible again.

Cuddly toys as gifts for your loved one

Cuddly toys as gifts for your loved one

In the meantime, the numerous brands in the cuddly toy industry know that grown-ups also enjoy cuddly partners.

There are many ways to convey a personal message to your loved one. In some shops, teddy bears and the like can even be filled and dressed by the customer. This ensures a high degree of individuality.

In this way, a "simple soft toy" becomes a symbol of love or a memory of a very special person.

Soft toys as psychological supporters

Soft toys as psychological supporters

Among others, many psychologists have also recognised the advantage of a cuddly animal in adulthood.

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At the same time, they repeatedly warn that adults with psychological disorders, such as borderline, may tend to replace real human relationships with cuddly toys.

However, it is also certain that said cuddly toys can certainly help to sort out and restructure one's own feelings. The memories of childhood with cuddly toys also often give the owner support. Cuddly animals in childhood are often heroes, protectors and best friends. Alongside parents, they help through everyday life and convey a feeling of security and protection.

If you pick up your old teddy as an adult, you can often relieve stress and gain new strength.

Comfortable pillows
Comfortable pillows

Cuddly toys can help you fall asleep faster and better. This psychological effect has been proven in several studies. By the way, depending on their size and shape, the animals also function as a great pillow.

The soft plush nestles gently against the head and in many cases the fabric also smells a little like childhood. Just scrunch it up and feel good!

Cuddly animals as great decorative items
Cuddly animals as great decorative items

Nowadays, some cuddly toys are traded like valuable objects of art. Many a teddy costs over 1,000 euros and is often placed decoratively on the shelf after purchase.

However, you don't need a collector's item to enhance your own four walls with plush. It is often the modern classics from the fields of "gaming" and "writing" that set real standards here.

The various accessories convey cosiness and give the room a childlike touch that even adults often can't get enough of.


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