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2 Qt 2 BeStr8 is the English abbreviation for "Too cute to be straight". It is mostly used for straight men who the gay world finds it a pity that they do not belong "to their shore".

Of course, there are also many men among straight men who are characterised by a mix of attractiveness, sex appeal and a wonderful character. Whoever wants to express here, as a gay man, that it is quite a pity that HE is just NOT gay often uses the expression 2 Qt 2 BeStr8. This is an abbreviation for "Too cute to be straight", which is not only used in personal conversation, but often in chats as well.

In German, the phrase means: "He's much too sweet to actually be straight to be!". Accordingly, this is a special compliment sent "from one shore to the other".

Of course, there is also a little self-irony and wit in this sentence. After all, it implies that men who are gay are automatically cuter than the straight variety. However, this is of course a well-known game with prejudices. Because: of course there are attractive straight men as well as attractive gay men.

In some cases, gay men use the phrase "Too cute to be straight", in order to either get the ice cream at the Flirt or to find out - a little covertly - whether their counterpart is actually gay or straight. In any case, the remark comes across as much more sympathetic than a flat "Are you gay?" and at the same time implies a special compliment. Anyone who is not of a homophobic disposition here is likely to feel quite flattered - even as a heterosexual man.