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The symbol ":-)" is one of the best-known smilies. It shows a smiling face and is accordingly versatile in chat.

With the help of the symbol 🙂 sympathy can be shown to the virtual counterpart in an unmistakable way when chatting. The smiling smiley can be used wherever the comewhere people would also smile in "normal" life. What's more, this emoji is an excellent way to start a flirtation. Especially when the combination of colon, hyphen and parenthesis is not connected with words, it can be interpreted in many ways and can help to arouse a little curiosity. In return, however, it is also true that repeatedly sending a single smiley can quickly seem unimaginative.

By the way, the 🙂 is one of the first faces of this kind. This smiley was used back in the days when text messages were still limited to a certain number of characters.

Even though the selection of smilies has expanded considerably over time and it is now possible, for example, to send faces with sunglasses and the like: the classic smiley is far from being obsolete and is even used now and then among colleagues when sending business emails. But be careful! Here in particular, a face of this kind can quickly come across as unprofessional! What to do in chats and Flirt popular does not necessarily have to fit into everyday office life - especially if the general atmosphere here is rather staid.

To sum up: there can be a lot hidden behind the smiley's grin. The corresponding information must fit the situation and must also be interpreted correctly. If you are aware of this, you have found a reliable partner for many exciting conversations in what is probably the best-known grin face.