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Anodyspareunia is pain that occurs during anal sex.


Anal sex is (unfortunately) not always painless. Above all, an existing anodyspareunia can ensure that the fun here - at least for a certain period of time - falls by the wayside.

The pain is particularly noticeable when anal sex is performed several times a week. The passive part then complains about a - more or less pronounced - unpleasant feeling in the area of the anus.

However, the cause does not always have to be physical. Often it is also the fear of pain or the fear of a possibly impending Coming Outwhich contributes to the person becoming tense.

Of course, it is especially important to have a partner who understands your situation. Especially beginners in the field of anal sex often find it difficult to open up accordingly. Talks, a lot of understanding and lubricant can help against anodyspareunia. It is also important not to react with too much pressure, but instead to stretch the anus again and again. Maybe alternating between the active and the passive part can also provide a little relaxation within the relationship?

If the pain does not disappear over time or keeps recurring, it is important, among other things, to contact the doctor treating the patient. Depending on the cause, he or she will either advise the person concerned, recommend lubricant or suggest consulting a psychologist. One thing is certain: there is definitely no shame in suffering from anodyspareunia! If you let yourself be helped instead of cowering, you can create the basis for a still carefree sex life... and that is exactly what should be worth the effort.