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Anal sex the most popular sex position among homosexual men

anal sex

Gays in particular, but also many straight men, can be enthusiastic about anal sex. The principle: the active Part penetrates his passive partner via the anus. What may sound largely neutral at first can be extremely passionate, sensual and sexy in reality.

In addition, various aids can make anal sex a little more adventurous. How about a little lubricant, for example? Or a Dildo? The possibilities that the Scene The courses offered here by now are particularly versatile and can be incredibly fun.

For reasons of a sense of responsibility, however, another special "extra" should also be relied upon: the Condom! With its help STDssuch as those that can be transmitted through anal intercourse, can often be prevented.

Another advantage of anal sex: the number of positions!

It is far from being just the classic spoon or Doggy-Positionthat would be interesting for gays here. On the contrary! With a little imagination, you can quickly find many more variations that quickly or slowly lead to the Orgasm can lead.

With regard to the relationship between the active and passive parts, however, it should always be remembered that this is a special sign of trust. Depending on the mood, anal intercourse can be enjoyed in different ways - sometimes stormy, sometimes gentle.

Due to the special kind of stimulation, many straight men can also get enthusiastic about this sex practice. Particularly "well-equipped" gays (and heteros) should possibly resort to the use of lubricant or coordinate this with their partner. This can ensure that the penetration is enjoyed even more by the passive part.