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Auditors love listening to others having sex


Auditors can get excited about erotic sounds of almost any kind. They are often more interested in the sounds of porn than the actual action on the screen. Particularly interesting: depending on the personal Preference it excites the auditor not only to hear various moaning sounds. Also the squeaking of a bed or the Dirty Talk can help him get going come.

It is also characteristic that the average auditor sees himself primarily in the passive role. This means that they have little or no interest in having sex themselves. He prefers to listen to the special sounds and, for example, to satisfy himself sexually.

A typical example of an auditor: the caller to the sex hotline. Here, too, it is no problem at all merely to listen to the voice on the other side. The passion for sounds sometimes goes as far as deliberately closing one's eyes while enjoying porn in order to imagine one's own events. Comparatively thin walls and a lively sex life of the neighbours can also help to give the auditor pleasant hours.

A relationship with an auditeur can be difficult in that it is often comparatively quickly apparent that there is little interest in sexual intercourse. However, when it comes to listening to the partner masturbate, for example, the enthusiasm is great. The auditors' imagination is usually particularly strong. The quality of porn is often judged by the dubbing. Visual stimuli are accordingly secondary.