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A particularly masculine, hairy man is often called a "bear".


As the name suggests, a bear is a hairy, stocky man. Depending on personal taste, such a bear can be very sexy. However, it is often also the special mix of character and appearance that leads to the fact that many gays are also enthusiastic about them.

However, in order for the bear to be perceived as such, it is of course important to wear the hair visible. Deep V-necks and tank tops can provide a first glimpse. However, if you want to take this look to the extreme, you should not shave or only slightly trim your hair in the pubic area.

Especially when mixed with a rather dark hair colour, the corresponding look then comes into its own.

Despite a luxuriant head of hair, however, a lot of importance should also be attached to a well-groomed appearance of the hair. Many bears are very vain when it comes to styling themselves accordingly. However, it is a classic prejudice that the "bear look" can only be achieved with varnish and Leather-clothes in Scene could be set. Combinations with elegant outfits are also no problem. Most bears always manage to surprise their environment with their special charisma.

Even in partnerships, the knowledge that your boyfriend is a bear can be extremely stimulating. After all, sometimes it is even a little secret that is only revealed in the bedroom at home.