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Baggy pants are characterised by their deep fit and classic connection to the hip hop scene

Baggy Pants

Baggy pants can help you wear a particularly casual, laid-back lifestyle in a fashionable way. These are particularly wide trousers with a correspondingly large amount of space inside. The waistband is comparatively low. Among other things, this can create a characteristic (and even looser) gait.

Especially in the 1990s, baggy pants were extremely popular. They were particularly associated with the Hip Hop Scene and the corresponding casual lifestyle. However, the clothes with the characteristic cut were not well received everywhere. To this day, there are states in the USA that prohibit wearing them by law.

Even though baggy trousers are not typical gay trousers, many gay men find these clothes particularly erotic or stimulating. No wonder! After all, they offer the possibility to move freely - in EVERY respect. Whether pants or shorts are worn in the end is up to individual taste.

Over time, many fashion brands have focused on baggy pants. They are now available in a wide range of styles... from classic to fancy. Interestingly enough, they can even be a special Fetish act. Many gays wear the trousers to parties and use the fashion to increase their own pleasure (and that of the other visitors).

Nice side effect: most baggy pants are "by design" equipped with comparatively large pockets. A wonderful place to stash a sufficient number of rubbers, isn't it?