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Ballbusting is all about squeezing the testicles to ideally bring the passive partner to orgasm


Many supporters of the BDSM Scene can get excited about so-called ballbusting. The term is a combination of the English word for testicles "balls" and "busting".

And indeed, ballbusting is all about inflicting extreme pain on the passive partner. What sounds quite brutal in parts can - given a corresponding preference - actually lead to the Orgasm lead. However, if you want, you can also use ballbusting as classic foreplay.

There are almost no limits to the imagination here. However, it is of course particularly important to pay attention to the health of all involved. For example, a "code word" should definitely be agreed upon to ensure that the pain can be ended as quickly as possible.

Ballbusting is practised nowadays in BDSM studios as well as at home. Depending on your personal preferences, you can either work with your bare hands or with various aids. Many sex shops now offer toys that specialise in this particular trend.

If you want to get started or form your own opinion, you should definitely start slowly. Many toys offer - of course in combination with empathy - the chance to approach this painful sex practice slowly and not to go straight into "full swing".

Many BDSM fans find the thought or feeling of being completely at the mercy of the other person particularly stimulating. However, many people are also enthusiastic about being allowed to act out their power themselves - with or without toys.