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BD is the abbreviation for bondage.

The abbreviation BD stands for Bondage and stands for tying up the sex partner. This is a special kind of FetishThe participants feel pleasure in tying up the other person or being tied up.

Especially interesting: BD is only an umbrella term that offers a lot of room for own interpretations and sex practices. Because: the partner is tied up, then the participants decide whether the focus is only on sex or whether pain and toys are also used to make the whole thing a little more varied.

Depending on your personal taste, you can then tie them to bedsteads, beams and the like to your heart's content. Whether "only" the feet or also the hands are tied can also be decided over and over again.

Many gays also use BD to get different Role plays to life. There are virtually no limits to the imagination. Handcuffs, cords, leather straps or similar can also be used. Those who are enthusiastic about this fetish often have a whole collection of toys at home with which they surprise their partners again and again.

Various clubs also offer even more variety here. Many gay clubs now have a separate BD area.

Tip: As BD can also focus on humiliation and pain, among other things, it is important to have a brief discussion and agree on a code word beforehand. This ensures that no boundaries are crossed. Often, special clothing can also ensure that BD can be enjoyed on a particularly erotic level.