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Clamps are often used as special toys in BDSM to create special types of pain.

Prove brackets BDSM fans anew with every adventure how much fun it can be to try something new. As a rule, conventional clothes pegs are used for the various practices. Among other things, these can be attached to the nipples and on the Penis fixed in place. Depending on the site and technique, those affected experience more or less pain.

Whether the clamps are then "only" used for foreplay or remain attached during sex is, of course, up to personal taste.

Due to the enormous popularity of this BDSM toy, the corresponding techniques have been optimised more and more over time. Today, those who want to rely on the special clamps can also opt for models that have been equipped with an electric cable. This way, the pleasure can possibly be increased a little more.

As already mentioned, clips of everyday use, i.e. clothes pegs and the like, can be used. However, if you want, you can also go to a sex shop. Here you can usually find clamps in different designs, sizes and with "extras". Many models are also explicitly aimed at beginners and work with comparatively little pressure.

Especially with regard to the places where these special toys can be placed, there are few limits to the imagination. Nevertheless, the fun should be limited especially in the area of Acorn should be taken with caution so that no injuries occur. As is often the case, it is best to approach the subject slowly and find out what kind of pain is considered to be particularly painful. horny is perceived.