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Within the gay scene, a stud is a man with a lot of muscles who likes to show them off and at the same time enjoys extensive sex.

"Breeding bull" is the common term for a gay man who has strengthened his body - in the gym, for example - and has no problem showing off his muscles.

In addition, the classic breeding bull is said to be particularly sexually active and (at least sometimes) shagging just about every potential sex partner who's not a chip off the old block.

The image of a breeding bull is accordingly mixed. While some cannot escape his sexy aura, others view his sexual debauchery with scepticism. Especially when breeding bulls with gays flirtIf you are in a committed relationship, you quickly become the enemy.

But: of course, not every gay man who has a trained upper body is also a stud! As is so often the case, it takes more than just fun sex and muscles in abundance.

Many stud bulls are well aware of their attractiveness and therefore play skilfully with their charms. Sometimes they also benefit from a sexy image, but then often have to prove it in bed. The pressure can be particularly high for them here.

Unfortunately, the gay men with the unmissable muscles are often underestimated with regard to their IQ. Like many other good-looking people, they have to defend themselves against prejudice. The generalising thought "Anyone who looks that good can't possibly also be intelligent!" can thus ensure that being a stud - especially with a self-confidence that needs to be developed - can become a burden.

However, it cannot be denied that typical studs are among the gays who can... And often do... enjoy their sex lives to the full.