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Wide stands for drunk or under the influence of drugs.


The term "stoned" is equated by many people with "drunk". Strictly speaking, however, it is also a synonym for "on drugs".

Those who are stoned have accordingly consumed either alcohol or drugs and can no longer think clearly. The resulting intoxication ensures that judgement is impaired and decisions can no longer be made soundly.

Of course, a distinction must be made between different variants of "broad". For example, many people also refer to the state of being "slightly clumsy" as broad.

However, the use of alcohol and drugs becomes particularly dangerous when a level is reached at which it leads to sex without Condom comes. Gays who are like this are often no longer able to assess the risk. The result: they become too daring and sleep with the respective partner without protection. One Night Stand.

Being broad can be perceived as particularly fun. Nevertheless, it would be wrong - especially in one's own interest - to drink to the point of "unconsciousness"! Otherwise, it may not only be your own health that is at stake. Among other things, a steady partner could also be very hurt by the resulting cheating actions. And: anyone who is regularly under the influence of drugs and notices that his or her condition is developing towards addiction should see a doctor and get appropriate advice.

Where the term ultimately comes from is not completely clear. Many people associate "broad" with the state of inertia and helplessness that can occur when drug or alcohol consumption is too intense. People who feel broad move clumsily and woodenly and sometimes feel their own head - at the latest the next day and with a proper hangover - to be so broad that they fear they will no longer fit through their own door frame.