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Sex without deeper commitments is called casual sex.


Those who are looking for a classic casual sex adventure do not want to enter into a committed relationship. Rather, it is about, for example, in connection with a One Night Stand (ONS) to satisfy each other and then go their separate ways again.

Accordingly, the word is often found in personal ads (not only for gays, of course!). After all, if you don't want a relationship, you don't necessarily have to give up sex.

However, casual sex does not always have to be the result of a typical one night stand. Regular ( but casual) sex with a good acquaintance - perhaps even with a best friend - also falls into this category. Of course, it is especially important here that the casual sex is wanted by both (!). If one of the partners falls in love with the other, it usually doesn't take long until the first, tangible heartbreak.

A particular advantage of casual sex is, of course, that it allows the person concerned to have versatile experiences in the truest sense of the word. Or in other words: he can fuck when he wants and with whom he wants (as long as the persons concerned agree, of course.).

The special attraction that can arise during a casual sex relationship should not be underestimated either. Many relationships actually started as casual at some point.

When looking for casual sex, most people find what they are looking for via personal ads or the Internet. Here there are many sites and chats that have specialised in bringing together corresponding interests. Here, everyone knows what they are talking about, what to expect and how much fun uncomplicated sex can be.