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With a Chaser is a well-trained gay who is usually the counterpart of a bear.

Gays who are looking for a Chaser are located, become often find it in the gym. You are mostly thin or well-trained and like their "gay counterpart": the bear. In contrast to the latter, the Chaserregularly, further emphasising their youthful appearance. Whether on the face, chest or elsewhere, the skin of the people concerned is usually smooth and hairless.

Especially in chat rooms, it becomes apparent time and again how popular the combination "Bear and Chaser" is. Many chasers (and also many Bears) always consciously set out to find their respective counterpart. Such a combination can of course also can be extremely appealing from a sexual point of view. After all, two completely different worlds meet here - even just visually.

Many use the term "Chaser", without thinking more carefully about its origin. With regard to the fact that "to chase" is translated as "to hunt", however - especially in relation to the passion for the bear - versatile ideas then emerge.

One thing is certain: most Chaser eighth Extremely up their appearance and love to skilfully express their youthfulness in Scene to set. They play with their figure and often dress exactly in a way that appeals to bears, among others.

By the way: the relationship between Chasers and bears does not have to be only sexual, of course! Many gays - especially in this exciting constellation - already have long-standing and happy relationships with each other.