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The abbreviation Chem stands for "chemical drugs


Outsiders in particular associate the gay Scenebut also with other areas, such as rave or the party scene in general, the consumption of chem. At Chem is an abbreviation for chemical drugs. Especially in the 1990s and with the trends around the techno scene, many gays, party lovers and co. had to struggle with the prejudice of regular drug use.

Due to the fact that this was often about "dancing the night away", many people at this time opted for Chems in the form of ecstasy or speed. However, numerous awareness campaigns (and certainly the reports of numerous deaths in the media) ensured that many people thought about the composition of the Chems made.

In addition to a high addiction factor and psychological and physical damage, the risk was further increased by "adulterated" drugs. Often in the Chems even contain rat poison.

Chems belong to the group of hard drugs, the possession and consumption of which is punishable. Unfortunately, the Gay scene to this day, against numerous prejudices in connection with Chems fight back.

Among other things, this is perhaps due to the fact that many Hustler (, like many prostitutes, of course,) still today Chemsuse to anaesthetise themselves. One thing is certain: gays and straights who realise that they are on the basis of Chems develop an addiction usually do not find a way to deal with this serious problem on their own. It is especially important to acknowledge one's problem in the first step, in order to get professional help in the second step. Otherwise - especially on the basis of chemical drugs - life-threatening situations can quickly develop.