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A hustler is - to put it simply - a male prostitute. He offers sex for money.

A hustler is a man who sells his body to other men for money. A somewhat "nicer" word for this is "Callboy". The environment in which a hustler offers his services can vary. Some hustlers work in dark corners, while others offer their services on the internet, for example, and visit their clients at home.

For a long time, hustlers, like female prostitutes by the way, had to defend themselves against a bad image. Over time, however, the image here has changed. More and more people realise that this form of sex work is an important profession in society.

In this way, many prejudices could be overcome. But: of course there are still many hustlers today who finance their drugs through sex and end up in a corresponding life crisis. In the course of time, some of them also overcome particular inhibitions, for example, by coming out of the closet without Condom fuck with their johns.

Hustlers (especially in big cities) have the possibility to get counselling and support... Of course also when they want to find a way out of the Scene search

However, some hustlers manage to make a name for themselves through their services and a particularly exclusive appearance. Thus, they often become sought-after callboys who are not only booked for fucking but also as escorts to special events. Many of them are then contracted by professional escort agencies.