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Callboys usually work for escort services and offer sex and/or companionship for money.


In the classic sense, a callboy is an employee of a call centre. Escort Services. They are booked to accompany a man (or a woman) on an evening. However, many escort services or callboys also offer more extensive services, for example by sleeping with the clients.

Some callboys also work on a self-employed basis.

But regardless of whether you are an agency or self-employed: if you book a callboy, you should definitely clarify all details and individual ideas in advance. Questions such as "Is it a business meeting or a casual get-together with friends?" and "Sex - yes or no?" must be clarified in advance. Another important point: the price!

Depending on the callboy or provider, there may be significant differences. Many gays who have once used a callboy remain true to their line. Especially when it comes to sex come customers feel that the callboy - in comparison with the Hustler - than the much more dignified, serious variant.

The reasons why gays choose a callboy are many and varied. Sometimes it's a feeling of loneliness, sometimes it's the search for a serious companion for a business dinner, which ensures that the callboy is seen as the best solution.

However, it would be a mistake to basically assume that a callboy would ALWAYS sleep with his clientele! This is a classic prejudice.