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An escort is a hustler and thus the opposite of a female prostitute.


An escort is - to put it simply - a male prostitute. He also sleeps with his clients for money. However, many escorts have expanded their range of services over time. Thus, the corresponding services can optionally often be used with regard to an escort to a business dinner or a party. The corresponding bookings are also often made in connection with business trips.

When looking for an escort with an offer that suits one's own wishes, it is often easiest to look on the internet. Here there are various platforms or forums where they offer their services. So that the customer-to-be can get an idea of the corresponding services, many include photos and further information.

The image of escorts has changed over time. Whereas in the past, a connection to a rather grubby and Scene has been pulled, it is nowadays quite possible to spend a stylish evening (optionally with sex afterwards) with an escort. But the search for the "quick number" can also be satisfied.

By the way, responsible escorts always work with Condomto prevent the transmission of diseases.

The reasons for booking an escort are many and varied. Many clients appreciate the prospect of non-binding sex and the possibility of having an unforgettable evening in a foreign city, for example. Other synonyms are Callboy or professional.