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The chicken position is a sex position for gays that actually reminds you a little of a cock.

The chicken position enjoys particular popularity among gay men and is often seen as an alternative to the classic spooning or missionary position of straight men. Although this Position can of course also be performed by a woman and a man, the term "chicken position" is mostly used in a gay context.

To have sex with each other in this way, a man lies on his back and pulls his legs together - usually at the back of the knees. The partner lies on top of him and can thus have a Penis insert. A special feature of the chicken position is that it allows comparatively deep penetration.

If you look at this practice with a little distance, you quickly realise that especially the position of the man lying on the bottom actually reminds you of a cock. However, many gays also speak of the butterfly position in this context - whereby the spread legs of the partner lying on the bottom are supposed to remind one of the wings.

Regardless of the name, the position is a wonderful way to fuck each other in a particularly intense way, with the option of looking each other straight in the eye. Many compare the chicken position somewhat to the classic missionary position of straight men.

Again, the man on top essentially sets the beat and the intensity, while the man who has taken the lower position mostly concentrates on keeping the rhythm.