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The term Tucke is a form of belittlement. It refers to a gay man.

The term Tucke is often used in the context of gay men. Even though it may sound a little rude at first, the term does not always have a negative connotation. Many gays also refer to each other as Tucken without associating this with any malicious intent.

However, there are unfortunately also always people who use "Tucke" as a swear word. In order to ultimately be able to judge the extent to which this is an insult or affectionate teasing, it is always important to know the overall context.

The classic Tucke has a rather feminine touch for many people, dresses accordingly rather feminine and tends a little (or a little more) to exaggerate.

Precisely because of the fact that some homophobes keep associating tucke with negative aspects, many gays use the term to counter prejudices and co. Equipped with a larger portion of self-irony and with the desire for more acceptance, the LGBTQ Scene has certainly managed to give the designation a new coat of paint in some ways.

Nevertheless, "Tucke" belongs more to the colloquial language and is used less often on official occasions. However, if you are looking for a term that has shaped an entire scene in a certain way and whose meaning seems to have been changed "quite incidentally" over time, you might have found an ideal example in "Tucke". Many gays love to be officially referred to as "Tucke" and thus ensure that the negative associations will certainly disappear of their own accord in a few years.