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Cis-gender are people who can identify with their innate gender.


The majority of people belong to the category of "cis-Gender". This means that they can identify with the gender they were born with. They thus represent the opposite of the classic transgender. This is a person who was born a boy, for example, but over time realises that they do not feel comfortable in their male body.

Even if tolerance towards Transgender has grown over time, there are many cisgender people who cannot or do not want to feel the feelings of being born around the wrong body.

The term "Cis" comes from Latin and means something like "this side". Unfortunately, this term also further promotes the distinction between "the others" and "us". Who "cis", that is, "this side", belongs to the same side, that is, to their own group. Those who belong to the transgender category are "other". They come from the "other side".

Often such designations show how difficult it seems to be to overcome the differences between individual population groups.

However, it would of course also be wrong to see in every cisgender a person who is Transgender is sceptical about the right body. After all, many heterosexuals, gays and lesbians, who are convinced that they were born in the right body, are now also campaigning for more acceptance of the right body. Transgender one. The result: the Queer Community gets the opportunity to grow and thus become even more diverse.

Many cis-genders in this day and age are choosing to also to be able, out of solidarity, to Pride parades and the like and to stand up for the rights of other people - no matter what body they were born in.