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Cum Face is made up of the words "cum" and "face" and is often used in the porn industry.


Those who are enthusiastic about cum face love to squirt their partner's sperm in the face or to have it squirted in the face themselves. Among other things, this sex practice is also used in many porn films. This is by no means a purely "gay phenomenon". On the contrary! Cum Face is also used in classic Straight-porn practised.

Interestingly, it is often perceived as degrading to the woman here. If a gay man sprays his sperm in his partner's face, such accusations are rather rare.

Many gays find it extreme hornyto see that their partner is coming. In porn, this technique is often used to show that the performer is actually having an Orgasm had.

Cum Face can of course also be practised in a gang bang with several people. Often the gays involved then spread out around a passive part whose body is covered with sperm in various areas during masturbation, for example.

By the way: Is it also considered a variant of the Cumshotin which the gays (or heteros) inject the sperm directly into the mouth or onto the tongue of the other person. Here too, it can be extremely erotic to see the "result" of one's own orgasm. Alternatively, swallowing can be done after the cumshot. Many see this as a special sign of trust.