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The abbreviation DD stands for dildo and is not only popular in gay circles.

DD stands for the Dildoprobably the best-known sex toy of all. Anyone looking for a DD today will find one either in a sex shop or on the Internet. Here, DDs are offered in numerous sizes and shapes. From mini-small for your pocket to XXL, everything is represented here.

By the way: unlike a vibrator, the DD does not usually have different settings. The typical DD is operated by hand. In everyday life, however, the terms DD and vibrator are mixed up again and again.

For a long time now, DD has no longer been a Toywhich would have an extremely dirty image. On the contrary! In the meantime, even particularly frequent Dildo parties are held at which guests share their experiences with the various appliances. This is often a great place to pick up inspiration for your own bedroom.

Whether small or large is preferred with regard to the choice of the appropriate dildo is of course dependent on personal taste. Some gays use the large versions in particular to widen the anus a little before the actual sex. If you want an even more intense feeling, you can also use the DD in combination with lubricant.

And: of course, the DD can also be used for masturbation. After all, he has enormous stamina, so that nothing should stand in the way of boundless fun.