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A classic film diva is a self-confident woman who distinguishes herself, among other things, through her eccentricity.


Even though a classic diva is an eccentric person prone to drama, many people associate this designation with a compliment. Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe and Liz Taylor, among others, are among the most famous divas in film history. The music business has also produced numerous divas in the past.

It is Lady Gaga, for example, who always manages to deliberately play with the diva image.

But what actually makes a diva? Usually, such a woman is a good-looking public figure who knows how to attract attention and make a name for herself in the public eye. Scene must set.

Because of this definition, more and more gay men (including transvestites) are also called divas nowadays. Because: even within the scene there are of course people who stand out because of their extroverted behaviour and thus make a special statement.

Many of them enjoy their diva status and see it as a wonderful opportunity to realise themselves. Another point: despite increased drama and the individual behaviour of most divas, you can't really be mad at them. Therefore, it is no wonder why many divas quickly become the highlights of any party. But: whoever goes out with a diva should always be aware that the probability of HER being the centre of attention is extremely high.