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In erotic dogplay, one partner actually takes on the role of a dog.


Anyone who wants to go in search of the best-known BDSM phenomena, you will quickly come across dog play. As the name suggests, this is actually a role-playing game in which a partner takes on the role of a dog.

This is done so realistically that the "dog" is provided with a collar and a leash and "taken for a walk". Mostly this happens in relevant clubs or in the private bedroom.

Those involved love to skilfully use their power or powerlessness in Scene to set. The focus is not always on pure sex. Rather, it's about getting turned on with the help of dog role play and, if necessary, becoming a little more imaginative with the help of other toys.

Of course, playing with pain is also often the focus here. No matter whether it's about working with whips or the like or leading the "dog" over a particularly hard, uncomfortable surface: Fans of dogplay usually always know how to challenge themselves in a special way.

Whether sex actually takes place after the "walk" or whether the "dog" is then released to roam again is not determined.

If you would like to try out dogplay and are looking for suitable equipment, you should take a look at the range of sex shops. Since this trend is becoming more and more popular, many suppliers have significantly upgraded their equipment over the last few years.