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Downers are substances that make you tired and are also used in the gay scene from time to time.


What may sound like a tasty cocktail at first is actually a substance that can make the person who consumes it tired. However, many downers are illegal and can even be dangerous for the user.

Among others, alcohol, cannabis, various opiates and medicines belong to the category of downers. Many people use the drugs not only to help themselves fall asleep faster, but also to calm themselves down.

Depending on the type of downer, this can be a risky undertaking. While some people drink a glass of wine to wind down after a hard day, others may turn to illegal substances. In many cases, the risk of addiction - both psychological and physical - is extremely high.

Medicines as downers should therefore only be taken in consultation with the attending doctor. Otherwise there is a risk of serious consequences.

Unfortunately, taking downers is part of everyday life for many people in today's often hectic world. Often, those affected see this as the only chance to make their everyday life a little more carefree.

Those who notice that they can no longer rest without their downers should definitely consult a doctor. He can help to take the right steps and, if necessary, ensure that a healthier lifestyle without "narcotics" can be reintroduced through withdrawal and subsequent or accompanying psychotherapy. However, for all this to work, it is important that the person who has developed a dependency is also aware of it and active wants to take action against it.